About us

The world of ekadi is a whimsical space, it is poetic, romantic and familiar. It is a canvas where we discover new stories everyday and bring them to life in artistic translations rooted in India's rich heritage of craft and are expressed through graceful fluidity and clean relaxed silhouettes.

Built on a foundation that celebrates the journey back to the fundamentals: functionality, culture, hope for the environment, social cohesion and inclusivity. Our design philosophy revolves arounds the impulse to refine and elevate while also allowing the imperfections to be. Ekadi's aesthetic is born out of careful deliberation to explore indigenous techniques like; hand block printing, handloom weaving, surface development and the art of Indian pattern making with a contemporary approach. The brand maintains its unique handmade vision by replacing mainstream manufacturing to a small batch production in collaboration with craft clusters located locally and across India. Each garment is a culmination of empathetic partnership between the, environment, the mind of makers and the wearer

With a will to dissolve the distinctive boundaries of geography, age, seasons and trends came the ability to look through the lens that is eternal, lending a trans-seasonal energy to each capsule. The essence of Ekadi lies in crafting detailed-centric, well-tailored utilitarian pieces that represents an artistic minimal approach: it reflects a way of life for a modern woman who prefers understated elegance over superfluous ornamentation.